SeeSaw has developed a range of software tailored to the particular needs of water and sanitation providers in developing countries.



Snapture is an application to report issues by only taking photos.

A field worker first takes a picture of the subject (e.g. water source) and another one of a code (from a laminated sheet he owns) that matches his situation (e.g. the water source is not working; it is dirty).

After taking those two pictures, the report is automatically sent to a website that the worker can access later to see the photo and the information linked to it (the code is automatically translated by the system). It is also possible to view this information on a map, thanks to the GPS coordinates of the smartphone used.

Trial of Snapture

Friends of the Liesbeek, a volunteer group aiming at protecting the Liesbeek River near Cape Town is currently using Snapture. Indeed, this application has been customized for recording inlet and abstraction points, as well as the activity of street people along the Liesbeek River. The purpose of this mission is to report specific incidences of pollution or other incidents, and to gather all that information on a single map.

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SeeTell is a smart system to report information with a simple mobile phone for free. No need for a smartphone, GPS or Internet connection.

With SeeTell, field workers can report easily on their status and location. Data is then transferred into a map and a spreadsheet that makes access to information easy and clear.

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