Tracking spend and impact  ¦ Boosting Sustainability


A key issues for donors, both big and small, is understanding where their money went and the impact it has had.

Another is ensuring the sustainability of the improvements that they help to fund, which are too often precarious.

SeeSaw assists with both these aspects.

Tracking spend and impact

SeeSaw’s flagship social entrepreneurship initiative is LiquidIT.

This sets up a local fund that pays water and sanitation providers on the basis of results. Usually verification of results is a key challenge for such output-based-aid or results-based-financing approaches. SeeSaw software helps resolve that – by providing real time indication of whether taps have been connected or toilets emptied.

By incorporating SeeSaw software into the billing and customer management ‘back-end’ of providers, SeeSaw is able to dramatically reduce both the cost and delay in verifying whether services have been provided. This speeds up the payment to the provider and reduces the risk and cost of pre-financing they face.

Once the system has been proven, the LiquidIT fund acts as a beacon for further funding flows that pay for localised improvements to the network or service.

Real-time results, which can be visualised on a map, with photos and other details, are available to donors. Results can be exported, often directly into the reporting format required. An auditing process then verifies whether they system is reporting reliably, dramatically reducing the usual overheads associated with monitoring and evaluation.

A significant spin-off is that the software that allows LiquidIT to function, tends to boosts performance and effectiveness of the provider in other aspects of their service. This increases the sustainability of the whole system.

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Boosting Sustainability

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