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SeeSaw is very used to working with municipalities – whether they provide services themselves (see Utilities) or they delegate this to others.

Where services are delegated to others, SeeSaw helps municipalities oversee service provision. Municipalities tend to appreciate assistance with two key functions:

– Getting and analysing feedback from customers
– Managing the performance of delegated providers

SeeSaw can help either install standalone systems that collect data from the general public or from appointed agents and report directly to the municipal officials (logging in on a website, receiving reports directly to a phone or email account).  Or it can put in place systems that work with internal systems of providers (billing systems, meter readings, customer databases) and which from there collate and report data on performance to the municipality.*

Naturally feedback from customers can be combined to help direct and manage external contractors.  See this video {link to come} for an example of how this works for sanitation service providers in South Africa.

Get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail and to explore our software can improve meter reading, customer billing, bill payments and fault reporting, amongst others.

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* See this SeeSaw blogpost on one of the key advantages of this latter approach