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SeeSaw helps NGOs – whether international or local – in a few ways.

To start with, SeeSaw advises NGOs that are keen to explore how they can shift their reporting from fully paper-based to digital means – or, a hybrid of the two models.

Doing so offers several advantages, above all the fact that information can be much more transmitted to multiple parties, quickly analysed and used for decision-making by both those locally-based and those at a distance.

SeeSaw’s comparative advantage here is it’s understanding that too many IT systems pose an additional burden on those being asked to report.  The data collection exercise needs to be made simple (and, to the extent possible, not be perceived as ‘extra’ work).

We also appreciate that a digital system is only as good as the information being fed into it – so advise on how to avoid collecting the ‘wrong’ sort of data or how to deal with incomplete or incorrect submission from the field.*

SeeSaw focusses on understanding and working with the incentives of both individuals and their institutions

SeeSaw also helps NGOs that are interested in community feedback (whether for the NGO itself or to relay messages to the authorities).  We explore why communities will use or abuse the system and how to overcome the problem of apathy or lack of trust that often undermines such initiatives.  We appreciate the sort of technology needed so that communities can actually engage – we look to build as much as possible on what communities already have and are used to (i.e. we tend to avoid ipads!).  

SeeSaw also advises on different approaches to generating feedback – such as the pros and cons of asking the general public (crowdsourcing) versus training and relaying information via designated individuals.

Above all we focus on feedback loops – not only how information get collected, but what will it gets used for.  How programmes both change and are impacted by existing relationships between communities and service providers

Last of all we can help NGOs discuss how to use the data they have (some of which they don’t always appreciate) in order to influence others – whether these be donors or regulators, policymakers or other practitioners.  

Click here {link to come} for an overview of some of the tools and experiences that are out there that can help NGOs and their partners.

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* See this SeeSaw blogpost on the challenges of putting in place systems without giving full consideration to the incentives and abilities of those providing the information