Incentives are key …
… SeeSaw is a strong believer in the fact that incentives are what shape behaviour. 

This is too often ignored when new technologies are introduced and those working with new information and communications tools (ICT) and software are as guilty as any.

In the hype of a new technology and its potential, crucial issues such as why people are going to use or abuse the system are overlooked.

The water and sanitation sector is complex – as are the dynamics around service provision in developing countries.  New tools too often fail to deliver on their promises.  Often this has nothing to do with the technology per se, but is because those implementing them have failed to understand the underlying system and how their ‘solution’ will interact with it.

SeeSaw knows how water and sanitation providers think. 

We appreciate not just their organisational goals, but the incentives and outlook of the individuals that work for them.  The same applies to their customers, as it does to others that work in the sector: Ministries, municipalities, NGOs, regulators and donors.

This shapes the strategic advice we give to utilities, how we design and distribute our software and our consulting to other organisations over the adoption of new technology.

Our speciality is in sitting with the client, analysing their particular context and offering advice or software that is fit-for-purpose*

*i.e. not the “off-the-shelf-maybe-works-for-you-maybe-doesn’t” solutions some others will give you …

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