Staff and Associates

David Schaub-Jones, South Africa

Co-founder of SeeSaw. Background in brokering partnerships in the sanitation and water sectors, with a special emphasis on supporting small providers, entrepreneurs and utilities that work in informal settlements and poor communities. Urban and small town specialist with a keen eye for how incentive structures influence delivery. Experienced facilitator and project manager.

Jossekin Beilharz, Germany

Programmer with experience in developing android apps, SMS platforms and other systems. Special interest in how people engage with technology and in ICT4D (Information Communications Technology for Development).  While at SAP in South Africa, coordinated the Pretoria Hackathon, where fault reporting and meter reading applications for the water sector were refined.

Alex Nash, France / United Kingdom

Specialist in strengthening small water utilities in developing countries, with a strong interest in billing systems and IT solutions. Experienced with systems architecture and client liaison.  Has worked in investment banking, liaising between broker teams and IT developers.  Direct experience of working in fragile states and informal contexts.

Raoul de Villiers, South Africa

Software entrepreneur with a background in systems design and banking. Has set up a successful startup that sells survey software to African-operating companies. Also developing an events-monitoring and mapping software.

Morgen Zivhave, Tanzania / Zimbabwe

An urban planner with experience in working with small utilities, NGOs and understanding the needs of both the provider and the communities in which they work.  Led work on small town water supply for WaterAid – analysing the efficiency of operations of multiple small providers throughout Tanzania.  Directed country operations for Canadian organisation looking at urban renewal and planning in Tanzania.  Active in Zimbabwe.

Tim Foster, Australia

Former management consultant with experience in water sector. Recently underpinned research project on how communities and utilities use mobile money offerings in four countries. Also working on rural monitoring systems and smart meters.

Cyprien Geze, South Africa

Formal training in business management and business law. Experience in law firm. Interested in business development, especially in social entrepreneurship.

Laura Szczuczak, France

Economics and Political Science Graduate. Research on Aid motivation and allocation. Special interest for social entrepreneurship and ICT4D.


SeeSaw Advisors