We engage directly with water utilities, rural water providers and other water and sanitation stakeholders to provide strategic advice. 

SeeSaw spends time with the client to understand the particular vision of each client, the strengths and weaknesses of their existing systems and approach and the potential of ICTs and other ‘change’ to improve their results.

Three main drivers for ICT in WASH

SeeSaw then offers strategic advice on issues such as:

Improving Finances

  1. Using technology to strengthen revenue collection
  2. Harnessing mobile phones to manage assets more productively

Generating and using information

  1. Managing (and empowering) staff to make them more productive
  2. Measuring and managing the technical performance of infrastructure
  3. Getting and using feedback from customers or beneficiaries
  4. Fulfilling regulatory and reporting requirements more easily

Confidence Building

  1. Building more productive relationships with customers or users of the service
  2. Generating confidence from donors, enabling new and improved funding sources
  3. Making reporting simpler, cheaper, more reliable and more up-to-date

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