We have developed a range of software tailored to the particular needs of the water sector and, in particular, water and sanitation providers in developing countries.  Much of this software builds on the fact that mobile phones are found everywhere, are robust, easy-to-use and increasingly powerful. 

For urban utilities, our software can improve meter reading, customer billing, bill payments and fault reporting, amongst others.

In small and rural schemes it can help with regulation, monitoring and getting citizen / customer feedback.

SeeSaw’s software has been designed in developing countries for developing countries, which makes it more robust, more powerful and more user-friendly than most existing market offerings.

Rather than sell this software in a ‘drop-and-go’ fashion, SeeSaw offers its Software as a Service – which means that a productive partnership is established between the customer and SeeSaw as software provider.  This arrangement makes sure we are around to help you install it, put it to work and get the most out of it.  It also means that your software keeps up even as technology evolves around you, at no additional cost to you.

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