SeeSaw staff have many years experience in the international water and sanitation sector.  Our founders also have a track record of successful and innovative software development.  Our vantage point gives us an excellent overview on how the water and sanitation sector is adapting new technology to its particular needs.

So as well as working with direct service providers, SeeSaw offers customized training on how to get the most out of new technology and the ICT tools entering the water, sanitation and environmental sector.

While SeeSaw offers its own software products it is perfectly happy to recommend other tools, including free or open-source tools, where these best fit a particular context.

SeeSaw also tracks broader trends in this field, as well as in others such as m-health and m-finance.  As a social enterprise it is part of our mission to share this information widely.  From time to time we host events that bring together stakeholders working in this field, to share lessons, network and explore new opportunities.  Get in touch to find out about our next event.

A holistic understanding of the sector:
SeeSaw has specific software and approaches for the following groups:


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