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Regulators have the difficult job of collecting data on the performance of frontline providers – and then analysing this data to make decisions about issues such as tariffs, remuneration levels, financial penalties and licence awards. 
On one hand the digital revolution makes this task much easier, as reporting moves from paper-based to digital form – information can be much more easily collected, transmitted and analyzed. On the other hand a digital system is only as good as the information being fed into it – and too many IT systems either pose an additional burden on those being asked to report, collect the wrong sort of data or struggle to deal with incomplete or incorrect submission.*

SeeSaw’s holistic focus and our emphasis in putting in place solutions that understand and work with individual incentives helps.

We make sure to ask why those being asked to input information are likely to do so – whether the system is user-friendly and whether we can expect reliable information to enter the system. We understand the different consequences of asking the general public for feedback and going via specified agents (and the software and ICT tools that are appropriate in each instance).

We look carefully at what the data will be used for. We don’t ask for information we can’t use and we study how feedback loops work so that information collected will be analysed appropriately and then actually acted upon.

As far as possible we tap sources of data that the frontline providers want to be reliable and up to date – and use the advantages that new technology offers (low transmission costs, ability to send to different places, opportunity to compare different sources of information) to provide robust, real-time and reliable information to regulators and others that need an overview of service delivery on the ground.

Click here {link to come} and here {link to come} for screenshots of the sorts of system that we are able to provide or recommend to regulators and other oversight bodies.

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