SeeSaw advisors

The following individuals have been kind enough to act as formal advisors to SeeSaw:

Camilo Tellez, Thinktank, Colombia

Specialist in mobile money solutions and working with telcoms firms (MNOs) to improve and understand their mobile money offerings. Experienced in ICT4D (ICT for Development) and working with multilateral lending organisations.

Cherif Seye, Consulting Entrepreneur, Senegal

Brokered many similar projects in energy sector and more recently brokered roll out ICT system to support small water networks in West Africa

Christophe Nothomb, INGO, Netherlands

Strong experience in supporting water and sanitation providers, both large and small, designing small schemes and supporting internal business processes. Recently involved in rural water supply and supply chains. Initial telecommunications background.

Dominic Patella, Multilateral Donor, United States

Experienced in utility reform, across sectors, including the use of output-based aid and other incentive mechanisms. Worked on many countries in Africa & elsewhere, including sanitation OBA proposal in Nairobi.

Graydon Jeal, Consulting Firm, United Kingdom

Experience in supporting water utilities in a range of contexts, from Sierra Leone to Kyrgizstan. Deep thinker about system processes, regulatory angles and incentive structures. Environmental economics experience.

Harold Lockwood, Consulting Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

A water supply and sanitation expert with strong experience in decentralisation of service provision, community engagement and rural water services particularly. A strong focus on sustainability via the Triple-S programme.

Jaco Delport, Software Entrepreneur, South Africa

Owner of two IT outsourcing firms and mentor to several software firms. Director of Cape Town non-profit organisation and serial entrepreneur.

Jonathan Timm, NGO, South Africa

Manager of Special Projects at The Mvula Trust, versed in community development, liaising with municipalities and project delivery. A journalism and film background.

Jonathan Wayne, Software Entrepreneur, South Africa

Founder of IT services firm offering ‘front end’ customer interface to service and entertainment firms in Southern Africa. Experience in systems analysis and mobile money development. Finance and accountancy background.

Paul Gunstensen, INGO, United Kingdom

Experienced fundraiser with strong knowledge of funding opportunities and skilled in quick turnaround of bankable proposals. Knowledgeable in managing grant and other funding streams.

Rachel Cardone, Foundation, United States

Renowned systems thinker working on strengthening business models in sanitation. Experienced in small towns water and sanitation sphere and linked into US ICT and grant networks.

Rolfe Eberhard, Consulting Entrepreneur, South Africa

Regulatory and finance specialist with long experience supporting South African government, municipalities and utilities improve service delivery. Particular interest in entrepreneurial approaches to development.

Sophie Tremolet, Consulting Entrepreneur, France

Regulatory and finance specialist with long experience supporting multilateral and bilateral donors understand and improve their delivery to the sector. A particular interest in results based financing and sanitation.

Teddy Gounden, Water and Sanitation Utility, South Africa

Long track record of innovation in South Africa’s best run utility, particularly on community involvement and user education. Strong experience of utility-driven partnerships with researchers, small private sector, NGOs, CBOs, consultants

Thomas Fugelsnes, Investment Fund, Tanzania

Pioneered development and roll out of an ICT system to support small water networks in West Africa, in a bid to strengthen their financial management and ‘bankability’. Strong donor and investor experience

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