Small Providers


Management Systems  ¦  Attracting Financing 


A range of software exists to help those that manage small systems.  
SeeSaw can advise on some of these and link up those implementing small systems with the developers of the software.

Often these tools are designed to give quick  and easily understood feedback to the operator and others. In some instances the collection and transmission of data on system performance is a contractual obligation or a license condition.  

In others it helps small operators tap external financing – whether donor funding or even commercial financing.

SeeSaw has also explored the use of such systems to help those providing subsidies to small schemes – especially in arrangements that work on a ‘pay-for-performance’ model and which disburse funds only after certain milestones have been achieved.

As such we are well placed to advise not just operators – but also NGOs, donors, governments and others – on how ICT systems can help in the oversight, management and financing of small water schemes.

SeeSaw focusses on building upon local capabilities, shaping incentives so that systems are easy-to-use, provide meaningful information and can be relied upon.  We look to incorporate new systems within local reporting and oversight mechanisms so that scaling up and replication is made easier.

Get in touch to find out more about how ICT is supporting small water systems and small operators and what sort of assistance or software SeeSaw can offer others.

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