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Strategic Advice

We offer strategic advice to water and sanitation utilities.

After spending time with the client to understand their business model, its strengths and weaknesses and the particular vision of each client, we can advise on:
 – How to strengthen revenue collection
 – How to manage assets more productively
 – Ways to build more productive relationships with customers
 – How to manage staff and make them more productive
 – Measuring and managing internal technical performance
 – Avenues for new and improved financing
 – Reporting in a way that opens up new opportunities

The areas in which SeeSaw advises, offers software solutions and makes links to others who can support the utility in question (donors, financiers, sub-contractors, training institutions).

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Software as a Service

We have developed a range of software tailored to the particular needs water and sanitation utilities in developing countries.
SeeSaw’s software has been designed in developing countries for developing countries – meaning it is suited to the sorts of conditions in which most utilities work.

Software as a Service establishes a symbiotic partnerships between the customer and SeeSaw.  This arrangement makes sure we not only help you install the software, we work with you so that you get the most out of it.  Your software keeps up even as technology evolves and you can choose the level of functionality and cost that suits your needs.

See this video to get an idea of what sort of software we offer.

Get in touch to discuss your needs in more detail and to explore our software can improve meter reading, customer billing, bill payments and fault reporting, amongst others.

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