Strengthening water and sanitation providers

Who we are:
SeeSaw focuses on how technology can strengthen water and sanitation provision in developing countries. The starting point is that technology is no ‘silver bullet’.  But when applied right, it can strengthen the providers that deliver services as well as help those who support the sector at other levels.

Our goal:
To make water and sanitation providers – whether in urban or rural areas – stronger, which leads to lower prices, better services, more people benefitting and greater sustainability.

Our services:
– Strategic advice to water and sanitation providers on how to strengthen their business
– Software that improves service provision, customer relationships, revenue collection and performance monitoring
– Consulting on how new technology is evolving and shaping water and sanitation delivery

Our approach:
We know how water and sanitation providers think.  We appreciate their goals. We understand the incentives that underlie how water and sanitation is deliveredThis allows us to tailor information and communications technology (ICT) to the particular needs of providers, improving their management and their relationship to customers. 

Our deep understanding of the water sector makes our software relevant, effective and user-friendly.  The result?  Providers improve their finances, services improve and the monitoring of water and sanitation is strengthened.  Services expand and are sustained over time.

News of our projects:
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A holistic understanding of the sector:
SeeSaw has specific software and approaches for the following groups:


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